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About Us

  1. Who are you guys?
  2. Where are you located?
  3. How do I know it is safe to shop with you?
  4. What kind of selection do you have?
  5. How can I get assistance if I need it?

Payment Information

  1. What forms of payment do you accept?
  2. Is it safe to use my credit card on your site?
  3. Is it safe to use my debit card online?
  4. Do you charge sales tax on any item?
  5. Do you accept international credit cards?


  1. What is PayPal?
  2. How do I sign up for PayPal?
  3. How do I use the PayPal payment option with Dirt Cheep?
  4. What do I do if I have questions about my PayPal account?
  5. When are funds transferred out of my PayPal account for my order?


  1. I want to return my purchase. What do I do?
  2. I would like to return a gift that was sent to me. How do I do that?
  3. How long does it take for me to get a refund?

The Rest of the Top 25

  1. Is every item on the web in stock at the store?
  2. What about prices? Do the store prices match the web prices?
  3. Do you accept back orders?
  4. Do you have a catalog?
  5. Do you offer gift cards / gift certificates?
  6. Do you match prices with competitors?
  7. Is the item I want going to drop in price soon?
  8. Uh, do y’all sell CD’s?


About Us 


1. Q: Who are you guys?

A: Dirt Cheep Music is a 28-year-old family-owned music store that specializes in a stable blend of new and used musical instruments and equipment. We believe in relationships built on trust and expertise, and we believe in honest and straightforward business. We handle top name brands, niche and boutique products, and really know the used market. We support local DJ’s, bands and students, and we also specialize in church sound system design and installation. We are a purposefully modest shop with a focus on providing the instruments and equipment our customers want (at prices you normally see in the giant stores).  

Our staff are music-lovers first and salespeople second. We have been students, teachers, producers, engineers, performers, writers, and music publishers, and we help our customers better and faster because of our experience. From recording studios to live sound, from writing songs with your friends to DJ party setups, wireless microphones to church sound system installation, our staff understands your needs and has the professional experience to give you advice you can trust.

No one that works at Dirt Cheep is paid on commission, so you can relax knowing that what we recommend is what will work best for your needs, not what puts the most money in the salesperson’s pocket.  We will never try to sell you anything that you don’t need (but we might show you something that is insanely fun to use).

For more than 28 years Dirt Cheep has provided local churches, singers, songwriters, DJ’s and bands with the best value for the lowest price.  Visit us in person or online and we’ll be happy to see you … we promise.

Read about our Core Values and how they make us who we are

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2. Q: Where are you located?

A: Our retail store is located in Smyrna, Georgia, about 12 miles from Atlanta. Our physical address is 2415 South Cobb Dr SE, Smyrna, GA 30080. You can either click here for more information, or click here for a Google Map to our store.

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3. Q: How do I know it’s safe to shop with you?

A: Dirt Cheep takes great pride in providing not only a safe and secure online shopping experience, but we also continue that into our retail store. We don’t even use a computer to ring up your purchase… it’s simply a cash register that does NOT store any personal information. We respect your privacy and are committed to protecting it.  If you take time to read our Safe Shopping Guarantee and our complete Privacy and Security Policy, you will see how committed we are to providing a safe and secure shopping experience.


Safe Shopping Guarantee

Read our Privacy and Security Policy

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4. Q: What kind of selection do you have?

A: Most folks say we have “just what they’re looking for.” With more than 8,000 individual items on our website, and with all our most popular items in stock at our store, we offer one of the best mixes of new and used musical instruments and equipment anywhere… especially in the South. We add new products to our site on a daily basis so that our selection is always fresh and up to date.  Used gear get put on the sales floor and onto our eBay site daily!

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5. Q: How can I get assistance if I need it?

A: Have questions? We’re happy to help you!

Call us Monday thru Friday from 10a – 7p, EST, or on Saturday from 10a-6p EST, (770) 433-0196

Email us if you prefer

View all of our contact information


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Payment Information


1. Q: What forms of payment do you accept?

A: We currently accept VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and PayPal for all purchases… online or offline.  For eBay or phone purchases you can also arrange to mail a check, money order, or bank check.  There are also instances where you can arrange to wire funds directly, especially for international purchases.  In special cases we have also been known to accept fresh baked goods as payment.

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2. Q: Is it safe to use my credit card on your site?

A: Yes! We understand that the safety of your personal information is very important to you, and that makes it important to us. We use a wide array of security measures and devices to protect your personal data and credit card information from unauthorized access.

Review our Privacy and Security Policy

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3. Q: Is it safe to use my debit card online?

A: Indeed! And please note: if you choose to pay by debit card online, the amount of the purchase will be put on “hold,” meaning it will not be available to you once you place your order. After the transaction has processed the amount of the transaction will be withdrawn from your account and the original “hold” will disappear.  This is just how debit cards work, and you don't have to do anything out-of-the-ordinary to complete the process.  It magically works all by itself.

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4. Q: Do you charge sales tax on any item?

A: We are required by law to collect sales tax on orders shipped to Georgia. If you are shipping to Georgia the appropriate sales tax will be added to your merchandise total and displayed on your final order confirmation.  To be fair, we wish we could collect sales tax on every purchase and send it back to the state where the customer lives.  That way your local community receives support from you, which is desperately needs in these times.  We believe in shopping local, and support a fair and balanced sales tax policy for internet purchases.  The New Rules explanation is pretty good if you want to take time to read it here.  Otherwise, if you live outside of Georgia, you don't pay tax when shopping with us (for now).

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5. Q: Do you accept international credit cards?

A: International orders may not be placed through our website, but they can be processed through our retail store. At this time we do not accept international credit cards, but we do accept PayPal for international orders. U.S. orders must use a U.S.-based credit or debit card (VISA, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express), or choose PayPal at checkout.

If you are an international customer and interested in an item, please Email Us with your shipping address so that we can generate a PayPal invoice for you, complete with correct shipping information.  Note that you also have the ability to wire payment directly to an international wire account set up specifically for you, which is completely safe and approved by your bank.

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1. Q: What is PayPal?

A: PayPal is a payment method for online purchases enabling buyers and businesses to send and receive money online. As of today, PayPal has over 100 million member accounts in 190 countries and regions. One advantage of using PayPal payment method is that it offers faster, safer and easier checkouts and promises to protect customers from revealing their credit card and other financial information to the merchant.

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2. Q: How do I sign up for PayPal?

A: You can sign up for a PayPal account by going to

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3. Q: How do I use a PayPal payment option with Dirt Cheep?

A: Existing PayPal users who would like to use PayPal payment method when placing an order can click on the "Checkout with PayPal" button when checking out. New PayPal users who would like to use PayPal as a payment method will be redirected to the PayPal website to sign up for an account  and will be presented with the "Checkout with PayPal" option when they get back to the Dirt Cheep web site.

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4. Q: What do I do if I have questions about my PayPal account?

A: You may contact PayPal customer service by calling 888-221-1161 or go to for support and additional information.

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5. Q: When are funds transferred out of my PayPal account for my order?

A: PayPal withdraws money from your PayPal account immediately after checkout. If the balance is lower than the total payment, PayPal offers credit products or the option to pay from your bank account or a credit card. Customers who do not have a PayPal account at this point will need to use a valid credit card to complete the payment. For detailed information, customers can contact PayPal customer service by calling 888-221-1161.

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1. Q: I want to return my purchase. What do I do?

A: Give us a call! The most common reason for returning any musical item is because the purchaser encounters a problem and doesn’t know how to resolve it themselves. We are here to help you! Our mission is to make more music-makers, and we are more-than-willing to explain common issues, answer questions, or direct you to the information you need. We’re here to serve!

If you simply don’t need what you bought, by all means, send it back. We’ll be happy to credit your account, exchange the item, or issue a store credit. Certain musical items must be sold as new (for example, instruments you use at or near the mouth), and certain equipment loses inherent “value” when you open the box (like professional electronics). Because musical instruments and equipment are unique in these ways we have a comprehensive Return Policy, which sometimes necessitates a restocking fee.  **  Please note that if an item is shipped to you under the "free shipping" promotion and returned for a refund, the shipping charges for sending the item to you will be deducted from the amount refunded.

In-store purchases should be returned to the store, naturally.  To return any item purchased online we ask that you follow four easy steps to ensure a smooth refund or exchange process:

Step One : Email Us So We Know It’s Coming, Please.

Drop us a line here so we can mark your account that you plan to make a return. We don’t have a fancy automated self-service module on our website that does this, so an old-fashioned email will have to do.  *** Please note that not every item sold online or in the store is eligible for a full refund, or for a refund at all.  Please read the full Return Policy to see if the item you purchased is eligible.

Step Two : Do You Have Everything?

Products must be returned in their original packaging, including any and all manuals, paperwork, warranty cards, cables, etc. Please also include a printed copy of your order confirmation page for our warehouse.

Step Three : Packing and Bon Voyage!

Take care to pack your return carefully, preferably in the original shipping container. If for any reason you do not have the original container, any plain, unmarked cardboard box will do. If there are any existing shipping labels, stickers, or other materials clinging to the original shipping container, please remove them. Send it back to us at the following address with your order number clearly marked on the outside of the package (not not write on the item's packaging itself):

 Dirt Cheep Music

 Attn: Returns, With Love

 2415 South Cobb Dr SE

 Smyrna , GA 30080

We recommend sending your return via a traceable carrier like UPS or FedEx, or in a best-case-scenario, we’d love to see your shining face in the store.

See if you are responsible for return shipping costs

Review the complete Return Policy

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2. Q: How long does it take to process a refund?

A: Oh yeah. That part.

Step Four: Waiting, But Not Long…

Once we receive your return we will notify you by email within 3 business days that your refund has processed, simply due to inbound shipping volume and inspection. In-store returns and exchanges are handled while you wait. Refunds are issued back to the method of payment used to check out. Exchanges and store credits are processed faster because we like them better. <grin>

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3. Q: I would like to return a gift that was sent to me. How do I do that?

A: We are very sorry that your gift did not work for you. Please call us at 1-770-433-0196 for assistance returning the item. We will need some information in order to pull up the account  that the gift was purchased on.  You will have to provide their phone number, first and last name, or email address.

Any gift item being returned will be refunded to the original purchaser's method of payment; you cannot obtain a store credit for a returned gift item. However, we can process a gift exchange for you for another item. Please call us at 1-770-433-0196 for assistance.

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The Rest of the Top 25


1. Q: Is every item on the web in stock at the store?

A: No, because we simply could not fit them all inside the store.  We are proud to offer over 8,000 unique items on  These items include most items available from our Special Order Catalogs, as well as the most popular items that we sell in our Smyrna, Georgia store location.

Call us to see if the item you want is in stock

Email us instead

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2. Q: What about prices? Do the store prices match the web prices?

A: Most of the time, but not always, simply because our costs are 10 to 15% less to operate a web store than they are to provide a selection locally.  This is true across the board in most industries.  We try very hard to offer the same prices in the store as you see online, especially on bigger ticket items.  On small accessories, you'll sometimes see a lower price online; once you pay shipping and wait for it to arrive, the cost of delivery and waiting is about the same as buying it in the store exactly when you need it.  But, ALWAYS give us a call.  Many times we are unable to advertise our low prices online, but we can give you a better price in the store. The bottom line on prices:  we always do what we can to save you money.  It's the Dirt Cheep Way.  

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3. Q: Do you accept back orders?

A: Yes! We are pleased do reserve an item for you out of the next shipment. If an item is out-of-stock we will notify you as soon as possible and ask if you would like a replacement item, or if you would prefer to hold your item(s) as a back order.

Out-of-stock orders will be canceled after three (3) business days unless a replacement item is requested or a back order accepted.

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4. Q: Do you have a catalog?

A: Not a paper version. Currently we have a 'virtual' catalog and you're reading it. In order to ensure that our customers have access to current products, prices, colors, and overall inventory, we do not publish a printed catalog (or do any mailings, for that matter). If there is a particular instrument or product that you are interested in please feel free to Contact Us and we will be happy to help you locate it.

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5. Q: Do you offer gift cards / gift certificates?

A: Yes! If you're looking for the perfect gift or just doing some last minute shopping, we have the perfect solution for you! Call us or stop by and we will be happy to create a gift card for you. Phone customers can have the gift card mailed in a hand-addressed envelope, free of charge!

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6. Q: Do you match prices with competitors?

A: We generally don't have to because we already have the lowest price. All of our displayed prices online are at the manufacturer’s minimum pricing for authorized dealers (which you have to be careful about on the web, yet another reason to shop locally). Some prices in the store are even lower. For a family-owned store we compete, and we compete HARD. If we can sell an item for a lower price we simply lower it and leave it there. That’s why we rarely do blanket sales, because we believe any store that regularly runs sales (every holiday, every weekend, or every excuse) is charging you too much the rest of the time. We keep our overhead low, don’t pay commissions, don’t do consignments, recycle rubber bands, and a whole host of other stuff so that we can offer you the best value for the lowest price, AND give you the best musical service you’ve ever had. Ask the competition to match that.

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7. Q: Is the item I want going to drop in price soon?

A: Unfortunately, we do not know if an item will go on the Hot Specials list or be marked down as a closeout until it actually happens. Because our sales are based on various factors such as supply/demand, seasonal merchandise, and business forecasts, it is hard to advise when a particular item will be marked down.

Due to sales needs, it is possible for different colors within the same style to have different prices. For instance, if a black guitar is selling better than a yellow one, we might discount the yellow guitar to boost sales.

The best way to catch a great sale would be to visit our Hot Specials page regularly.

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8. Q: Uh, do y’all sell CD’s?

A: We get this question 10 times a day in our store, so we had to include it here. NO, WE DON’T. Most of the family-owned CD stores went out of business when giants like Walmart, Best Buy, and Target decided to devour the market, so we don’t really have a good recommendation other than those stores. When people walk into our Smyrna store and ask for CD’s, we enjoy giving them a blank stare for a second and looking around sarcastically at all the instruments around us, then slowly shaking our head “no.” We have pictures all over the outside of the building of guitars, amps, keyboards, mixers, and pro audio gear, and we STILL get 10 people a day coming in looking for CD’s. “Oh, I thought you sold… you know, music” they’ll say. And we reply, “we do, but you have to make it yourself.”

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